Dentures | Iowa City, IA | T.K. Downes, DDS | 319-337-4121

Dentures can help give you that bright smile back while giving back full chewing ability.

The benefits of dentures can be reaped for years to come. Get fit with your new set of dentures today!

Dentures | Iowa City, IA | T.K. Downes, DDS | 319-337-4121

Get your smile back with new dentures.

Dentures are impossible to distinguish from regular teeth by the naked eye. So what are you waiting for? Get your smile back in full today with a new pair of dentures!

Dentures can make your everyday life much easier.

Restore your confidence in eating and chewing today. New dentures can help you eat or chew on almost anything you can eat or chew on with a natural set of teeth. These can help you live a more nutritious and fulfilling lifestyle.

Call us today to make and appointment and speak with our experts about dentures.


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