Clear Braces | Iowa City, IA - T.K. Downes, DDS

Get a bright new smile today and improve your jaw health with clear braces.

Clear braces will give you that clear new smile while promoting jaw health, all without even being noticeable!

Clear Braces | Iowa City, IA - T.K. Downes, DDS

Are you looking for that perfect smile, but don't want to wear old-fashioned braces?

Look no further than clear braces from T.K. Downes, DDS!

If your teeth are not straight, clear braces will help fix those issues with the same effect as "regular" metal braces. Whether you have an overbite, a crossbite, tooth crowding, or any other irregularity in the shape of your teeth, clear braces will fix it for you!

Not only will correcting your alignment problems help you look great, but it promotes long-term health.

Clear Braces are the perfect way to help make your teeth look better - both while you're wearing the braces, and after treatment is over! Straight teeth will give you a confidence boost, as well as promote jaw and bone health later in life.

If teeth are not properly aligned, the patient is at risk for excessive wear, which can lead to bone loss, gum disease, and even periodontal disease. It's not only important to have aligned teeth for your smile and confidence, but for your health as well!

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